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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer programs for 2-6 year olds?

Unfortunately no. Theatre involves a lot of memorizing of text and we feel that the child must be secure in his/her reading skills before they enter the program.

Do you offer trail classes?

As of late, theatre programs in the area are advertising free trial classes to lure clients. At CTP we start designing the curriculum around the abilities and strengths of the students who are enrolled. To offer classes with a slew of students coming in and out of the program is not effective to the fundamentals of team building, which is a skill that is taught and taken through to the final performance. All students who attend CTP are registered students. However, we do offer a Bring-A-Friend Day every April where each child enrolled is permitted to bring a friend to class. If your child knows of anybody in the school, this would be a great opportunity for your child to see our magnificent students in action!

Can my child enter one of your classes regardless if they are not the correct age or grade that is required for a particular class?

At CTP we have a very strict policy, where every child entering the program must be the correct age and or grade prior to entering the class. We are first and foremost drama educators who have extensive knowledge in this field and design our programs accordingly. Every child entering CTP is taught the fundamentals of acting and is given a strong vocabulary of theatre terms. It would be to a major disadvantage to the child, regardless of the level of talent if they missed the fundamentals. CTP excels at challenging each child at their own level within the framework of the class.

How do I know what course I should enroll my child in?

Before enrolling your child listen carefully to what they want? Do they like to sing and dance and can’t stop! Or do they feel that their strengths lie in dramatic acting where singing and dancing is not required. CTP offer two types of classes, Musical Theatre and Legitimate Acting. See our program guide for more details.

Can I bring my child into your school for an assessment?

Another policy we implement at CTP is, “If we do for one we do for all.” Unfortunately we cannot assess each child that comes to CTP as there is over a hundred and fifty for each school year. If a parent requests this option we do offer “Private Coaching,” at an additional fee.

What is The Master Class?

The Master Class is an extensive four-hour a week musical theatre class that results in a year-end performance at a professional theatre. CTP’s Artistic Director Howard Kane personally selects each child into the class from within the school. Every student that is selected must be highly efficient in acting, singing and dancing and most importantly possess an excellent work ethic. Attendance is 100% mandatory for this class and each child’s attendance record is considered prior to acceptance. All students must sign a contract to be in this class. Selected students should be fifteen years of age or older, as the musicals chosen are complex and sometimes deal with mature subjects.

Why is your program more expensive than some others?

At CTP we specialize in training children the craft of acting and musical theatre. Unlike most schools, we do not spread ourselves thin by teaching adults or extra classes to generate more income. Our teachers have university degrees and are highly skilled. People of such caliber require completive salaries. Each class produces a full scale play our musical and this can be quite costly. Our classes sizes are small with most of classes being capped at sixteen students. Most theatre programs produce shows with thirty to forty students in each group.