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If you're looking for a way to inspire confidence and creativity in your child, CTP is a great program.

Fundamentally, it's an immersive theatre experience for children, and the focus is always on them.

From the etiquette to the discipline to just crazy amounts of fun, CTP is simply the best.

The only downside is we didn't find them years ago!

Jana Faria

Howard I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for several seasons of wonderful experiences at CTP for Gabrielle (and her whole family who got to enjoy watching). You have a true gift and generously share it with all children involved at your school! Thank you again! Sincerely,

Moya Bordone

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for all that the children’s theatre project has done for our daughter Elizabeth. She has attended your master’s class and summer camps for the past five years.  My only regret is that she cannot continue on past the age of eighteen.

I’m not sure if you are aware of the contribution that you are making in the lives of the young people that attend your school. The teenage years are some of the hardest that life has to offer and your program instils discipline and self confidence in all of your pupils.

Kathryn and I have personally watched Elizabeth blossom from a somewhat shy individual into a wonderful self confident and poised young lady. I believe that a large part of this is due to her acting. When you can perform in front of a large crowd at a professional level, it gives you a huge leg up in whatever you choose to do.

This year I look forward to her last play “dirty rotten scoundrels” and I know as always that I will be more than impressed and probably shed a few tears. Please accept our deepest personal thanks for what you are doing and our hopes for your continued success.

John and Kathryn Kiely

Dear Howard, Alana, Britney and Karson,

We would like to thank you so much for offering such a fantastic camp this summer.  My daughter absolutely loved it and we were thrilled by her enthusiasm.

As a parent you are always proud of your children no matter how they perform however we were just taken back by the performance that was presented after only 3 weeks.  We were just as proud of all the children as we were of ours.  How all the children remembered their lines & sang with such ease was just inspiring.  I think I smiled from the beginning to the end of the show.

Thank you for allowing them the opportunity to all shine!

Warm regards

Kaylyn Bondar

As parents, one of the best decisions we’ve made for our children is to be part of the CTP experience. We’ve been here since its beginning, 8 years ago. My son is a part of the Master Class, and my daughter the Musical Theatre Class. They both love it. The high level of teaching is exceptional and the devotion and commitment to the students is second to none. Howard Kane is a wonderfully talented teacher who is able to bring the best out of each child. His years of experience in teaching have been evident in our children’s growth from the beginning of each year to the final performance. The most difficult thing as parents is the waiting to see their final production.  Having seen many of them, I can say they are truly worth the wait, never ceasing to amaze us.  I highly recommend CTP to anyone who is looking for a way of not only developing your child’s artistic talents and abilities, but also for those looking to have their children grow into confident, disciplined and hard working young adults. I know that CTP has enriched my kid’s characters, both on and off the stage. Whether they pursue acting or not they have definitely benefited from their experience her. I know it will prove its worth over and over again in all of their life’s endeavors.

Letizia & Nic Faienza

Howard and Britney,

Thank you so much for giving Alexa such a wonderful and successful year at CTP. I can honestly say she enjoyed every minute of it. When I met both of you last year I knew CTP was the place for Alexa and you were the right people to make her happy and love to perform again. It was so nice to see Alexa so happy and excited every Saturday morning to come to CTP and when the class was over the glow on her face showed that the class had led up to her expectations.

My goal for Alexa this year at CTP was for her to gain self-confidence and self-esteem. Not only did she achieve those goals at CTP but she has become a new happy, social, confident, successful student at school. I know Britney without you by her side every week motivating, encouraging and letting her be free to be herself she would not have had such a successful year and for this I am truly grateful.


Hayley Braverman

Dear Howard,
Bianca is really enjoying your program that you developed. She loves everything about it. We are very happy to have discovered this creative outlet for her.

Geraldine and Bianca Pisciola

I want you to know how impressed I am with The Children’s Theatre Project.  Year after year they have put on wonderful productions.  My son Maury started out in grade 7 taking Acting for Teens.  Five years later and in the Masters Class for the second year, he can’t wait to go to class every week.  I have seen him grow into a strong, self confident young man, with amazing acting abilities.  I couldn’t believe it when I heard him sing and saw him dance at last year’s performance of “Working.” He has learned so much working with his teacher Howard Kane and his classmates.  It is not just the acting skills he has gained but his self-esteem and self-confidence that he will have for life. Thank you for your expertise and professionalismYour school is the best!

Darcey Hibloom

The Children’s Theatre Project has been an amazing experience for my daughter Brittney! During her seven years in the school she has gained a tremendous amount of self confidence, not to mention fantastic theatrical coaching. After graduating the program in 2008, we are so happy that her sister Sierra is now attending the school for her second year.

Kim Koblinsky

I want you to know how impressed I was with the play and the level of talent displayed by the cast of Cabaret. I have seen numerous productions in the past at many theatres. Although your cast is young and supposedly amateur, their level of professionalism and talent compares favorably and in many cases better than a lot of “professional” live theatre productions that I have witnessed.

My daughter Elizabeth brought tears to my eyes with her rendition of tomorrow belongs to me, I had no idea she could sing like that and have such a presence in front of a crowd. I only invited two of my closest friends, the girl’s honorary grandparents. We discussed it at length afterward, they thought they were going to some “school play,” they were like myself completely blown away.

 John Kiely

Dear Howard,
We want you to know how much we enjoyed the performance of Three last week.  And we thought the group was amazing last year!  It's incredible to see the kids try new things and find out they can do it.  They've all come so far.  Thank you to you for your commitment to the kids.  You have such a positive effect on our daughter Anne.  You demand the best - and you do it with such good humor that she's never resentful and only wants to try harder. 
Have a wonderful summer and thanks again,

Marilyn Perdue & Brian Goodman